Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Reset is Coming

Firefox over at the Daily Paul offers us this mathematical analysis...
"Almost 9 trillion in total local, state and federal spending
Almost 16 trillion in total GDP
Somewhere around 150 million working adults
Total government spending including deficit spending accounts for 56% of GDP, and pure deficit spending alone is almost 25% of GDP.
Doing the math, assuming the above numbers, it comes out to about $59,900 in PURE taxes for every working person in America just to pay for the total local, state and federal spending. This is ~5,000 dollars more than America's median income in PURE TAXES.
$59,900 with a 260 day work year (5 days a week).. this comes out to around $230 per working day per worker just to pay for the spending, not including paying off the debt principal or personal living expenses and debt."
How is this debt going to be paid?   Its not, obviously.  It is going to be defaulted on, either outright or via massive inflation of the currency.  The ruling class knows it.  They are not even trying to fix our underlying problems.   Instead they appear to be sucking as much out of the host (the USA) as they can for them and their friends before it dies.
The only people still trying to fix it are a few grassroots patriots out in the heartland, and the handful of honest statesmen they have managed to insert into the terminally corrupt system.   While I admire their patriotism, I hope that most of them soon realize that the government is not the country.   The people are the country.   Even if the government fails, we will still have a country.  
There is a reset coming America.   I don't say we should do anything to bring it about.  Indeed, I would stop it if I could because it will be painful, but there is nothing we can do to stop it at this point.   Our present ruling class has made it inevitable with their highly destructive and dishonest policies.   See the math above.
That's why I believe activists should start devoting a lot more time to local and state politics than they do to national politics.   Sure the feds get all the media attention, but they are also the most insulated from change, and that ship has already hit the iceberg.   It takes a lot of maturity to ignore what the media is mostly talking about and quietly work to identify competent patriots to draft to run for local office.   It takes even more maturity, and real work, to help them win it, but that's the best use of what time we have left.   That's what is going to allow some places to hold it together when the rest of it all goes to pieces.  

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